Agent entrepreneuership

LDi is here to support our agents as entrepreneurs. Whether agents join LDi as established, independent businesses or are looking to use their freight experience to work for themselves for the first time, LDi works as an extension of your business, not just the other way around.

Agent experience

With LDi backing them, agents will have nearly 2 decades of LDi’s reputation and experience to rely on for support and to help establish immediate credibility. Agent partnerships with LDi are structured so that LDi can only be successful when you are successful, and each agent has personal relationships with members of LDi’s experienced staff.

Your success is our success.

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Meet LDi agents

“LDi has the best staff in the industry.”

Agent at LDi | Frederica, DE

Logistic Dynamics Inc. starts with kind and genuine leaders, add great management and the best staff in the industry. LDi and the leaders have taught me the value is in the people we hire or connect with and they back it up with their staff and operations. From top to bottom and all in between you will find the help you need and never made to feel any way other than number one.

“LDi is number one with customer service.”

Agent at LDi | Ridgley, MD

We really enjoy working with LDi, the carriers and customers. LDi is number one with customer service and carrier relations. We are open for business and move freight everyday.

“LDi is the best brokerage firm, hands down.”

Agent at LDi | Dallas, TX

Our agency has been with LDi since 2017 and they are the best brokerage firm to work with. The support we get from corporate is always available and eager to help either from carriers, customers or prospects looking to expand.

Become part of the team

LDi gives agents the freedom and opportunity that comes from owning your own business, while still having the resources, technology, and network of a major logistics company. If you're ready to make the leap from broker to business owner, we're ready to believe in you.

Empowering Agents